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Discover pure pleasure for your skin with our 100% unprocessed organic shea butter and vegetable cold-pressed oils. Made with love by hand, our multi-functional products are specially designed to protect, hydrate, nourish and cleanse your skin - without adding water or fillers. Pamper yourself with the luxury of unrefined shea butter, ideal for dry skin. Discover the transparent beauty of honest, plant-based skin care. Give your skin the best, because it deserves nothing less. Welcome to a world of natural care.

 natuurlijke huidverzorgingslijn met 100% plantaardige ingrediënten, voor een gezonde, stralende huid voor mannen en vrouwen."

New Skin Order Natural skin care

New Skin Order believes in a world of connection. Connection with nature, with each other and with yourself. Our customers know which skin care products are good for them, what does and does not work for their skin and make independent choices. Our products can therefore be easily combined with other skin care products. And they are all cruelty-free.
Our packaging is recyclable and sustainable. In this way, together we contribute to a better world.

 "Een vrouw ervaart de verfrissing van een gezichtsbalm van NewSkinOrder, een natuurlijke huidverzorgingslijn voor een stralende, gezonde huid."

100% Raw 0% Fake

Shea butter is packed with vitamins A, E and F. The active substances provide intensive hydration, improvement of blood circulation and optimal elasticity of the skin. However, major commercial brands in the Netherlands often use refined shea butter and ditto oils. Because shea butter (and also the oils) loses its special effect during the processing process, these products do not offer its famous benefits. That is why New Skin Order only uses the pure product directly from the nuts of the tree, without any processing. Pure nature in a pot.

New Skin Order supports Danissa's Water Well in Mozambique