About us

Matty came to the Netherlands from Gambia. After her skin was completely dried out from the use of European skin care products, she took matters into her own hands. Using her grandmother's recipes, she started making pure, natural, deeply nourishing face balms, facial oils and other skin care products. These recipes consisted of shea butter and various vegetable oils. Her own products ensured, among other things, very good hydration of her skin and her skin radiated as usual. This did not go unnoticed. People around her were curious about her secret. Due to the overwhelming interest, Matty decided to sell her homemade skin care products to them as well.

Mira's path crossed with Matty's and the two women immediately hit it off. Mira also used homemade masks made from avocado, eggs, honey and banana, among other things. Coconut oil and argan oil were her favorites for (daily) skin care. Encouraged by their own enthusiasm and that of the people around them for their 100% natural care products, they decided to launch it on the market.

New Skin Order is now a reality with 16 products and we still make everything by hand. A very intensive, but rewarding process, because everyone who uses it is extremely enthusiastic. We have a skin care line for everyone from 0 to 100.

Giving it back

Your purchase helps! New Skin Order believes it is important to contribute to a better world. That is why we donate part of our proceeds to small charities that really make a difference. We consciously choose small projects/foundations, because we then know for sure that the money is actually used for what is needed and promised. Themes that are close to our hearts are the abolition of female circumcision and the construction of wells in countries with a water shortage.

Danissa's Waterhole
Mozambique is an example of such a project. As soon as the first well
has become reality, many more will follow. New Skin Order wears
would like to add to that.

Zero waste packaging

Not only the care products, but also the packaging of New Skin Order are made of environmentally friendly materials. New Skin Order uses high quality violet glass as packaging. This ensures a good shelf life of the products and protection against UV light. All New Skin Order jars and bottles are made of recyclable glass and can be reused for your own oils and herbs.
Our products are deliberately not packaged separately in boxes or plastic. However, we also do not avoid using boxes for shipping, but these are always proportionate to the product and made of recycled paper.

Mission for a better world

New Skin Order wants to create a world of awareness and respect for natural health and beauty. This goes hand in hand with respect for nature, people and animals. That is why we only use natural ingredients. Without processing, without wasting water and without the use of polluting plastic and toxic chemicals. Moreover, we make our products ourselves by hand and all our products and their ingredients are not tested on animals. Together with our customers, we contribute to healthy living conditions in this way. And to healthy, radiant skin!