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Rosemist Toner

Rosemist Toner

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“Feels like heaven on your skin”| 100ml

Discover Cleopatra's timeless beauty secrets with our age-old beauty regimen. Experience perfect purification, hydration and nourishment for your skin, with anti-inflammatory properties to balance PH levels. Refine pores, enjoy a beautiful glow and a wonderful scent.

  • Perfect purification, hydration, nutrition.
  • Anti-inflammatory, balances PH value.
  • Refines pores, gives a beautiful glow.
  • Ancient method, modern rejuvenation.
  • Luxury skin care, natural power.

Drawn from the finest petals of the Rosa Damascena Mill rose, our formula provides natural beauty and luxurious skin care for contemporary rejuvenation with the power of natural ingredients.


Rosa Damascena Floral Water


To be used as a toner after New Skin Order cleansing oil. Spray over face and blot, or spray over face and allow to absorb. Also fixative for over make-up or daily face mist.

Storage advice: Preferably store in a cool and dry place. Maximum room temperature. At higher temperatures the product may change structure. This does not affect the operation.

– The bottle is made of violet glass, which protects against (sun)
light and contributes to a better shelf life.
– The bottle is recyclable for your own herbs or oils.
– Cruelty-free.

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